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For the love of Russell-Cotes, for the love of Bournemouth.

The Russell-Cotes is a registered charity, and we rely on you!

We are working hard to ensure that Merton and Annie’s incredible gift to Bournemouth is preserved as they intended. You can help to make that happen.

We are in the process of setting up online giving, but in the meantime you can support our work by telephoning 01202 451820 or emailing russellcotes.fundraising@bournemouth.gov.uk.
Alternatively, please text LOVE to 70660 to donate £5.

Why not ask for donations to the Russell-Cotes as an alternative to traditional presents on special occasions such as a big birthday or wedding anniversary? If you would like any information on how we can help you with this, or if you would like to hold a fundraiser on our behalf please email russellcotes.fundraising@bournemouth.gov.uk.

Registered Charity No: 306288.

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