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AUB Fine Art Installation

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An exhibition  in collaboration with Arts University Bournemouth

Tuesday 19 March – Sunday 24 March 2019

The exhibition, entitled Arte Factum, derives its name from the Latin Arte, meaning ‘by skill’ and Factum, meaning ‘thing made’.

Many of the exotic artefacts and curiosities at the Russell-Cotes were collected by the owners Annie and Merton from their travels around the world.

The objects in the collection include paintings, sculptures and ceramics, which were all curated as a show of status, as well as being something of an extravagant souvenir.

Both the artefacts and the architecture itself have proved to be rich and stimulating sources of inspiration for the students, whose work engages with discourses such as history, culture and imperialism, through performance, installation, sculpture, print-making and painting.

Spread throughout the historic house, galleries and garden.

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19th March 19 - 24th March 19