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Introduction to Classical Drawing Workshop

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Introduction to Classical Drawing Workshop

Saturday 17th August 10:30am – 1:30pm 

£7.50 per person

Discover the drawing techniques used by the Old Masters in this 3 hour workshop delivered by Martin Close and Dhan Ramdharry from the Classical Art Academy – a local Art Atelier that specialises in the painting and drawing techniques of the Renaissance. You will discover French painter Charles Bargue and explore why his drawing course is still extremely important, and taught to portrait students in the world’s most acclaimed schools of art. You will be shown how to set up and execute a drawing study, and take it home with you. No previous drawing experience required.

All ticket income goes directly to support the Russell-Cotes; the Classical Art Academy is giving its time and expertise freely to support the charity.

Find out more about the Classical Art Academy here. 

Tickets can be purchased by visiting the museum or calling 01202 451820.

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17th August 19 - 17th August 19