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Talk: Under the Microscope: Ramsgate Sands

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One of our visitors’ favourite paintings, Ramsgate Sands, or Life at the Seaside, by William Powell Frith (1819-1909) is a lively, anecdote-packed scene which is among the most familiar images of Victorian life.

Painted in 1905, it is an exact copy of one the artist created 50 years earlier for Queen Victoria. Join speaker and tour guide Nick Hawkin as he discusses the details in the painting, the life of Frith, and the animated accounts of the art world in his day which he left behind.

Sunday 19th November, 2pm.

Talks are free to museum ticket holders, but please book in advance to ensure your place.
Ask at the Welcome Desk or ring 01202 451820.


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19th November 17 - 19th November 17