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Talk: The Dangers of Living up to One’s Teapot

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The Dangers of Living up to One’s Teapot': gender-bending in the 1880s

In a recent review of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic-opera Patience (1881), John Groves concludes ‘the heterosexual military men’ try to win back their ‘aesthetic brides by acting like poetic homosexuals’. But this begs the question why would ‘poetic homosexuals’ be attractive to women, or why would a poetic homosexual want to attract an aesthetic bride?

In this lavishly illustrated talk,¬†Prof Anne Anderson unpicks Gilbert and Sullivan’s stereotypes, how Oscar Wilde capitalized on them and how America coped with Aesthetic Culture.

24th June 2017 2pm

Talk free of charge to museum ticket holders. To see details on admission charges please click here.

Limited spaces, please pre-book.


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24th June 17 - 24th June 17

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