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There is nowhere else in the world like the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, with its extraordinary collection of paintings, sculptures and treasures from around the world, and spectacular views across the sea.

The Russell-Cotes is your perfect wedding venue – unique, elegant and magical.

Live the love story…

In 1901, Merton Russell-Cotes gave his beloved wife Annie this dream house on Bournemouth’s cliff-top overlooking the sea. It was an extraordinary, extravagant birthday present – lavish, splendid and with a touch of fantasy.

They were desperately in love and never spent a wedding anniversary apart. It is because of their love for Bournemouth that this beautiful historic house can be enjoyed by us all today.

The story of the Russell-Cotes is a love story – it could be your story too.

Become part of the magic, visit russellcotesweddings.com

Russell-Cotes was shortlisted for the UK Wedding Awards 2016.



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For more information on making Russell-Cotes part of your perfect day, please telephone 01202 451858 or email russellcotes@bcpcouncil.gov.uk