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The Russell-Cotes Charity

April 15, 2015

Sir Merton Russell-Cotes gave Lady Annie Russell-Cotes, his wife, East Cliff Hall on the occasion of her 66th birthday in 1901.  This gift was an expression of deep love for his wife and celebrated their life together travelling and collecting around the world. They gifted their house and Edwardian galleries to the people of Bournemouth […]


April 15, 2015

The Garden of East Cliff Hall was conceived as a private space for Merton, Annie and their family. Merton describes how he resolved to create “a tropical garden” out of the wild sand dunes and “a beauty spot that any English garden lover would desire. ” The garden was originally filled with marble and bronze […]


April 15, 2015

With four purpose-built galleries, there’s so much stunning artwork to see in the Russell-Cotes. Galleries I – III From 1916 to 1919, Annie paid for the building of three additional art galleries to East Cliff Hall. Galleries I, II and III, which are accessed through the Main Hall, enabled many of the largest works of the […]


April 15, 2015

Find out about the Russell-Cotes house, East Cliff Hall, one of the last Victorian houses to be built in England. East Cliff Hall was the home of Merton (1835-1921) and Annie Russell-Cotes (1835-1920). The building of East Cliff Hall was begun in 1897 and was completed in its first form in 1901. The house was designed by the […]

Our Story

April 14, 2015

Discover the Russell-Cotes story… In 1901 Merton Russell-Cotes gave his wife Annie a dream house on a cliff-top, overlooking the sea. It was an extraordinary, extravagant birthday present – lavish, splendid, and with a touch of fantasy.  They filled this exotic seaside villa with beautiful objects from their travels across the world, and lined the […]