Christ Pantocrator

Christ Pantocrator, late 19th century
Attribution unknown
Wooden, silver gilt, enamelled
© Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

Yellow Room 

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Christ Pantocrator, late 19th century

An elaborately gilded and enamelled Russian Orthodox Church icon of Christ Pantocrator. Pantocrator or Pantokrator, literally ruler of all, but usually translated as ‘Almighty’ or ‘All-powerful’, is derived from one of many names of God in Judaism. Christ is seen here holding the New Testament in his left hand and offering a blessing with his right.

The icon was brought back by Sir Merton and Annie from their travels to Russia in 1898. Lady Russell-Cotes writes in a letter to her eldest daughter Ella, ‘We bought three (icons) small ones today to give you all an idea of them’. The icon originally hung in the Main Hall, now the entrance to the Art Galleries.


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