Lilas Blanc or The Countess

Lilas Blanc or The Countess, 1891
Gertrude Emily Devenish Walshe
T22.6.2005.8 BORGM
Image © Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

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Lilas Blanc or The Countess

The sitter is shown wearing a corsage of white lilac. The bust was exhibited at the Salon of the ‘Union des femmes peintres et sculpteurs’ in 1891, with the accompanying poem:

Se peut-il qu’un regard aussi plein de tendresse

Soit ici bas?

C’est un parfum léger, qui vous prend,

vous caresse,

Rose et blanc lilas.


Could there be a look more filled with tenderness,

here on Earth below?

It is a light scent that takes hold of you,

caresses you,

Pink and white lilac


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