Summer Evening, Broad Haven Sands

Summer Evening, Broad Haven Sands, 1887
David James (1853-1904)
Oil on canvas
BORGM 01148
Image © Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

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Summer Evening, Broad Haven Sands

David James was a pseudonym for the artist, Joseph Donahue. At a young age, his creative talent was recognised by a German-born picture dealer who supported his training. James specialised in studies of the sea, in particular waves, rather than coastal views. Many of his works were painted on location in Cornwall. For many Victorian marine artists, Cornwall was a popular destination due to its easy access by train.

Painted in 1887, this is a study of rocks rather than the sea, making this an unusual subject. James shows the calm sea in the background and the still rocks revealed by the low tide in the foreground, bathed in the serene, clear glow of warm evening light. With close observation to detail James focuses our attention on the rocks, worn and weathered by the sea and glistening with wet seaweed.

James exhibited at the Royal Academy 1881-1892.



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