The Tippler

The Tippler, 1887
Philibert Claitte (1859-1938)
Image © Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

Irving Room 

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The Tippler

A metal statuette by Philibert Claitte of either the actor Edward Askew Sothern or his son George Evelyn Augustus T. Sothern (who used the stage name Sam Sothern). The figure plays the role of David Garrick from the play written by Thomas William Robertson by the same name and possibly titled ‘The Tippler’. He is shown wearing eighteenth century period clothing, sitting on a decorated table with his right arm held up in the air. This hand is possibly now missing the wine glass it would have been holding. The work is mounted onto a four sided base which is decorated with a scored line design and items placed on to it including bottles. The accession register entry identifies this statuette as being of Sam Sothern.



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