Vase with fish shaped neck and handle

Vase with fish shaped neck and handle, 1902-1920
Elton Ware, Sunflower Pottery
Ceramic, earthenware

Dining Room 

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Vase with fish shaped neck and handle

Edmund Harry Elton, 8th Baronet (1846-1920) established the Elton Sunflower Pottery at the family estate in Clevedon, Somerset when he was a young man. He was largely self-taught but over the years he produced many original designs in a variety of styles, colour and decoration. He developed his own techniques for glazing and colouring and was particularly interested in surface decoration and, after 1902, experimented with gold, lustre and crackle glazes. He produced many thousands of items, principally urns, vases and bowls. The pottery continued to produce wares after his death in 1920 until 1930 when it ceased production. Pieces manufactured after his death included the annotation of a cross above the word ‘Elton’, to make them distinct from the ones produced whilst he was alive.

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