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Arts by the Sea Festival – Chloe Sami

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The Journey of the Heart by Chloe Sami
Arts by the Sea Festival

The Journey of The Heart is an immersive exhibition and performance which incorporates opera, song, poetry and art.

The theme is based around Chloe’s own personal journey of rediscovering her childhood love for the arts and choosing to pursue it. In a more universal sense, Chloe wishes for this performance to encourage participants to explore the moments in their own lives when they have chosen to follow their heart, and to do what they love.

Within the beautiful setting of the Main Hall at Russell-Cotes, Chloe’s art exhibition and performance encourages audience members to take a path through the artworks on display, whilst listening to the emotionally linked operatic and classical arias and songs.

Artwork on display: 10am – 5pm, Saturday 2 October – Sunday 3 October

Recital:  2pm – 2.30pm, followed by meet the artist session on both Saturday 2 October and Sunday 3 October

Chloe Sami is a holistic creative, based in the South of England. An opera singer, artist and writer, Chloe has performed in venues all over the UK, including The Royal Festival Hall, Cadogen Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall and the Manchester Bridgewater Hall.

Chloe’s immersive art and opera shows meld together themes of identity, belonging and journeying to create a full creative experience for audience members.

Chloe’s artwork is varied and diverse, with pieces employing a variety of mediums; including oil paint, acrylic and watercolour. Her art is often created entirely through tapping into her inner creative expression, experimenting with colour and form, and painting solely from her own emotions and feelings. Through her artwork Chloe hopes to convey the sense of full heartfelt expression, depth of emotion and freedom of the soul.

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02nd October 21 - 03rd October 21

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Admission tickets to the Russell-Cotes are required to experience 'The Journey of The Heart'