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Guided Tours in June

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‘One day I had it in mind that I would build a house as an offering of love and affection to my wife’

Our Guided Tours introduce you to the wonderful story of Merton and Annie Russell-Cotes and how they came to create the vision of East Cliff Hall. Expect a tale that takes in romance, world travel, the growth of Bournemouth, and the most beautiful art of the era, with a cast of characters that include the great and the good of Victorian and Edwardian society.

Our Drop-In Guided Tours do not need to be pre-booked and are included in the price of admission. They last approximately one hour.

June dates: 

Wednesday 5 June, 11am

Thursday 6 June, 11am

Wednesday 12 June, 11am

Thursday 13 June, 11am

Wednesday 19 June, 11am

Thursday 20 June, 11am

Saturday 22 June, 11am

Wednesday 26 June, 11am

Thursday 27 June, 11am

Saturday 29 June, 11am


Please be aware that our tours are led by our team of wonderful volunteers. Due to availability, occasionally tours have to be cancelled at the last minute.


Would you like to delve even deeper into the stories and worlds that are opened up by the Russell-Cotes collection? You might be interested in:

Themed Tour: All the World’s A Stage, on Sunday 19 May – looking at the theatrical collections – find out more and book tickets here 

Themed Tour: Jewellery, on Friday 28 June – discover some of the jewellery in the collection, including pieces not on display, as well as jewellery represented in the paintings – find out more and book tickets here.

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01st June 24 - 30th June 24

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