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New Histories and Old Stories: portraits by Jack Dickson

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New Histories and Old Stories: portraits by Jack Dickson

A selling exhibition of stunning mixed media portraits of sitters of mixed heritage with a link to Dorset.

About the Artist:

Artist and teacher, Jack Dickson lives and works in Dorset. Having roots in both Zambia and the UK allows him to draw upon a wide range of cultural and aesthetic influences.

He uses a variety of media in his work including digital imagery, photography, printed textiles, painting and drawing. At the core of his practice is drawing and observing the world around him. More recent work has focussed on portraiture, and he is currently developing a new series of portraits that explores the experience of being mixed race and British.

Jack has exhibited in Brighton, London and Dorset and appeared on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year in 2020. Most recently he was invited to take part in a new production for the BBC called Make It At Market which begins on 3 January 2023. Jack will feature on episode 3, on 18 January 2023

Instagram:     @jackdicksonart

Website:        www.jackdickson.co.uk

Mobile:           07778 712682.

As this exhibition is in the Café Gallery, it will be free to view.

Please note, exhibition dates are subject to change.

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07th October 22 - 05th March 23

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