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Julia Margaret Cameron – Startle the World (Online Talk)

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Julia Margaret Cameron – Startle the World (Talk)

Speaker: Kirsty Stonnell Walker, Writer & Historian

Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) received her first camera as a gift when she was forty-eight but her love affair with the medium had already spanned several decades and continents. An enthusiast for this newly invented device, she travelled the world befriending experts who taught her the magic and the science of the lens such as the astronomer John Herschel, and pioneering photographers like her brother in law the Earl Somers and the Swedish risk-taking artist Oscar Rejlander.

Through her brief career as a professional photographer, Cameron broke boundaries with her new medium and created art works that still electrify and dazzle today. Come and find out more about this pioneering photographer with art historian Kirsty Stonell Walker, author of Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang (Unicorn Publishing 2018) and Light and Love (Unicorn Publishing 2020).

27 March 2024, 11am

Zoom Talk (Free)

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27th March 24 - 27th March 24

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