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The Invention of Photography: The Collodion Revolution that transformed 19th century photography (Free, online)

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The Collodion Revolution: The process that transformed 19th century photography

This talk is in connection with our exhibition Siam: Through the Lens of John Thomson. For more information click here

Little more than a decade after Daguerre’s and Fox Talbot’s announcements of the first viable photographic processes, Frederick Scott-Archer published a new method which revolutionised photography. Wet Collodion ushered in the age of the professional photographer, the travel documentary and the family album, with a proliferation of photographers and and an era of exploration and documentation which was unprecedented.

Peter Renn, a practicing photographer with long experience in historic processes discusses the practicalities of the collodion processes, exploring the difficulties overcome by the pioneers and the innovations and refinements brought by John Thompson, Roger Fenton, Julia Margaret Cameron, Mathew Brady and others. He explains just how the process works, its benefits and limitations, how it informs the photography of the nineteenth century and is central to the upsurge of interest in historic processes in the post-digital age.

Wednesday 1 November, 11am, Free Online Talk 

01st November 23 - 01st November 23

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