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Sargent and Belleroche: Young Painters in Paris (Online Talk)

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Sargent and Belleroche: Young Painters in Paris (Online Talk)

Speaker: Elaine Kilmurray

Join John Singer Sargent expert Elaine Kilmurray to explore Paris in the early 1880s as city, artistic and cultural centre and proving ground and as a subject for contemporary artists. Paris embraced the old and the new, it housed great art collections and was the scene of experiment and innovation which would write a new chapter in the history of art. Sargent and Belleroche were both taught by the progressive painter, Carolus-Duran, and had friends in common, especially the pastellist Paul-César Helleu. I shall discuss Sargent’s portraits of Belleroche and of his mother, Mrs Milbank and the intriguing relationship between Sargent’s portrayals of Belleroche and his most controversial portrait, the full-length of Amélie Gautreau (1883-4, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), which was a succès de scandale at the Paris Salon of 1884.

This Online Talk accompanies our current exhibition, A Painter in Paris: Albert de Belleroche (1864-1944)

Tuesday 9 July 2024, 11am

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09th July 24 - 09th July 24

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