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Join Our Halloween Team

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We are looking for volunteers to help with our Halloween event, as performers and support team.

Every year the Russell-Cotes holds a ticketed Halloween event – an immersive, interactive theatrical experience. It helps raise income and drive new audiences for the museum, and regularly sells out.

Visitors have a mystery that they must solve. They wander the historic house, encountering characters played by Volunteers and can chat to them and ask questions. The Volunteers will deliver clues and red herrings in their conversations.

At the end of the evening everyone gathers for an enacted scene and the answer to the mystery is revealed.

This Year

This year’s Halloween event is inspired by the theme of folk horror. Set in a vaguely Victorian past, the scenario is this:

People from the local town have been going missing under mysterious circumstances. The townsfolk are blaming the strange cult that has taken up residence in the grand house at the top of the cliff.

The cult, which calls itself the Radiant Covenant of the Golden and Eternal Bloom, has responded by organising an open evening, where locals are invited to come and find out more, and see that they are a peace-loving community who would just like to be left alone.

The visitors must determine whether the cult is responsible, and if not them, then who?

What do we need?

We need performers to be our characters.

We have some key roles to be filled for the delivery of the plot, for those who feel up for the challenge of the improvisatory nature of the event. We also need extra characters to help with the flavour of the event, and potentially just to help steer visitors around the building, which may be less demanding than the main roles.

Do you think you could be up for the challenge? Push yourself out of your comfort zone? Have great fun? Meet new creative people? Create a unique theatrical experience in a unique and wonderful space?

Then come and join the cult…               

Click here for our Volunteer Application Form, and choose the Creative Events Volunteer option. Please indicate in your answer to the questions that you are interested in Halloween.


This is the schedule of rehearsal and performance.

Monday 4 September 5.30pm – 6.30pm – The First Gathering – allocate and discuss roles and format

Thursday 14 September 6.00pm – 8.00pm – The First Rehearsal

Thursday 12 October 6.00pm – 8.00pm – The Final Rehearsal

Saturday 28 October 4.30pm – 10.00pm – The Performance

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  • The Radiant Covenant of the Golden and Eternal Bloom (2)

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