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Make a gift in your will and leave a lasting legacy for art and heritage.

A gift in your will, however large or small, will help us to care for this unique building and collection and create lasting memories for our visitors in the future. Whether a gift of artwork or a sum of money, it is one of the most lasting ways of supporting our work.

By leaving 10% of your estate to charity the rate of Inheritance Tax applicable to the rest of the estate is reduced to 36%. Therefore, by giving to Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum you could benefit your beneficiaries as well.

“I love the building and collections and have had many enjoyable visits over the years. I hope the financial contribution I leave will help in maintaining its upkeep, in whatever way needed.”
Julia Stallard, Legacy Pledger

For further information on donating a painting or object to the museum please contact the Curator, Duncan Walker on duncan.walker@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

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