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Funding Success to Safeguard the Russell-Cotes

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The Russell-Cotes is delighted to have been awarded £518,000 by the Arts Council England MEND (Museum and Estate Development) Fund to safeguard its cultural heritage.

The grant will be enable the museum to get rid of its buckets and restore the leaking and damaged conservatory  to its former glory. The timber will be repaired and redecorated, the glazing replaced, the gutters mended and the cracks in the floor addressed.  Visitors will once again be able to enjoy its stunning views whatever the weather. The funding will also enable the museum to replace the air handling units to ensure a stable environment for the collections safeguarding them for the future, whilst also reducing energy consumption. Most importantly it will improve drainage to stop foul water flooding in the garden.

This grant forms part of almost £50 million of funding awarded to galleries, museums, libraries and cultural venues across the country to improve people’s access to the arts, safeguard cultural assets for future generations and power economic growth through culture.

Arts Council funding has been matched by funding from museum supporters who have raised £30,000 over the last 6 years as well as £426,000 from BCP Council.

However, there is still much more to be done to safeguard the museum including external redecorations, renewal of services and internal conservation of original paintwork etc.  Any funds that we can raise can be added to the funds and allow us to do even more to preserve the museum and provide better facilities and experiences for our visitors. 

Please give generously if you can.


You can also make donations towards the Conservatory onsite both at the till and the donation box inside the Conservatory.

Thank you for your support.

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