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Folding bag £7.00

A Dorset Landscape on show in Gallery III; and now over your shoulder on the high street (at a safe social distance)

Description: Generous capacity folding bag with an internal pocket for keys or phone and into which the bag can be folded. Includes an external cover with popper showing the same design. Features all over full colour print on both sides with design continued over the handles. Label with Russell-Cotes logo

Image:A Dorset Landscape, 1930, oil on canvas by Leslie Moffat Ward (1888-1978)

Material: Polyester 190T

Dimensions: width 48cm, height excluding handles 41.5cm, height handles 62cm, folded bag dimensions variable as will compress further: height 16cm, width 13cm, depth 4cm

To order: Please email orders to russellcotes.shop@bcpcouncil.gov.uk including your phone number and the full delivery address. We will need to take payment over the phone. Collect in person or the item can be posted to you, delivery charges apply.

Timeline: In stock. Please note that post doesn’t currently go out daily

Price: £7.00 plus postage £3.83

We hope you enjoy your Dorset Landscape folding bag and thank you for your purchase which is extremely helpful to the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum at this current time.

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