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The Russell-Cotes Charity

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Sir Merton Russell-Cotes gave Lady Annie Russell-Cotes, his wife, East Cliff Hall on the occasion of her 66th birthday in 1901.  This gift was an expression of deep love for his wife and celebrated their life together travelling and collecting around the world. They gifted their house and Edwardian galleries to the people of Bournemouth in 1908 . Today the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum displays their collections and world class art,  conserves  their unique home and celebrates their love story.

Together, we can rekindle the love of Russell-Cotes.  We can restore the house to its full, former glory, evoking Merton and Annie’s passion for art to share with Bournemouth and the rest of the world.

We urgently need to raise funds to:

  • restore the building – home to our world-class collections and a piece of history itself.  Priorities include replacing storm damaged stained-glass and making the conservatory roof weather-tight.
  • care for and present our unique works of art.  Priorities include cleaning and conserving pictures and fragile historic artefacts and furniture so that they can be displayed and enjoyed today and by future generations.

You can support our work by telephoning 01202 451820 or emailing russellcotes@bcpcouncil.gov.uk.

For the love of Russell-Cotes, for the love of Bournemouth.

Registered Charity No: 306288.

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