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Robin Goodlad Photography. A Bride stands in the Boudoir of the villa, surrounded by lavish decoration and objects. Her groom can just be seen reflected in the mirror. Her blonde hair is intricately tied up, and a light mesh veil falls over her face. She is smiling.

Your Wedding in this Dream Home

‘For many years I had it in mind that some day I would build a house after my own heart, as an offering of love and affection to my wife…’

Merton Russell-Cotes

Find your dream wedding in this unique and beautiful Victorian Villa.

Your wedding…

There is nowhere else in the world like the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, with its extraordinary collection of paintings, sculptures and treasures from around the world, and spectacular views across the sea.

The Russell-Cotes is your perfect wedding venue – unique, elegant and magical.

We can accommodate weddings of up to 80 guests, and also have a perfect space for smaller intimate weddings of up to 25 guests, with views from the ceremony room over the gardens to the sea.

Please be aware that while covid-19 restrictions remain in place, the capacities will be reduced, and will depend on the numbers of households/ bubble groupings of guests. 

If you are looking for a beautiful and quirky venue that will wow your guests and be remembered forever, then we are the place for you.

Email us at r-c.weddings@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Live the love story…

In 1901, Merton Russell-Cotes gave his beloved wife Annie this dream house on Bournemouth’s cliff-top overlooking the sea. It was an extraordinary, extravagant birthday present – lavish, splendid and with a touch of fantasy.

They were desperately in love and never spent a wedding anniversary apart. It is because of their love for Bournemouth that this beautiful historic house can be enjoyed by us all today.

The story of the Russell-Cotes is a love story – it could be your story too.

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Additional Information

For more information on making Russell-Cotes part of your perfect day, please telephone 01202 128000 or email r-c.weddings@bcpcouncil.gov.uk